Thursday, January 10, 2013


Ever since school started up again, I've been sort of blue. I usually become quite introverted in the winter. It starts with the fact that the cold Chicago air is really bad for my extra-sensitive skin. So I spend a lot of time inside. I think I'm probably just a little bummed to be back at school again. I feel like the school year should be over, but I have 4-5 more months.

Here's a little compilation of my mood.

Lime Crime Lipstick in "No She Didn't"

 A picture my friend took of a 4th of July swim in Lake Michigan (I can't tell which one I am...)

Girl, Interrupted

Lana del Rey's "Bel Air"
So beautiful and eerie. The lyrics are heavenly



  1. I love this aesthetic, it's quite haunting and sterile. And the blue lipstick is soooo cool, it reminds me of the one Joey wore in Friends (Ichiban - Lipstick for Men!)

  2. awesome pictures! and I love blue lipstick <33